People on Facebook can be Just as Annoying

I want to share with you all a funny post that I saw on PR Daily today. The post, 5 types of annoying people on Facebook by Susan Young, showed readers five out of nine “annoying” types of people from a list originally compiled by The Oatmeal. These included the passive aggressor, who writes status updates such as “oh you did not just say that to me” and other well rehearsed retorts without mentioning anyone by name; the desperate marketer, who asks you to “like” or “become a fan of..” just about anything; and my personal favorite the rash, a person who basically likes and comments on everything you do/say on Facebook. Read the full article How to suck at Facebook and I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh too!

Artwork Credit: Matthew Inman


It’s Friday!

Today is Friday and of course everyone on campus is singing that new, incredibly obnoxious, but somehow catchy song “Friday” written by Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson, and performed by 13-year old American “singer” Rebecca Black. The single, which was not actually released until March 14 2011, has already received millions of views since it’s posting on on February 10, 2011. It became a viral hit as of March 11, 2011 when comedian Michael J. Nelson exposed it on his Twitter account and Tosh.O blogged “Songwriting isn’t for Everyone.” These guys sure showed the influence of social media sites! Now, everyone I know has watched, or heard of, the song with the awful lyrics and accompanying video entitled “Friday.” If you want to be a singer and think it may be hopeless, just watch this video.

Guest Blogger: Jessica Ardrey

For our ninth topic of the week in my Public Relations Applications class, we were instructed to exchange blogs with someone else and post their one of their blog posts on our site. This idea of guest blogging came from an article by Adam Vincenzini and Emily Cagle in which they highlight the benefits of March as the “Be My Guest” Mutual Blogging Month. Jessica Ardrey and I chose to swap blogs because we really like reading each others’ posts; so, I now share with you her recent post Mmm…Strawberries, which will have any northerner (like myself) yearning to attend the Florida Strawberry Festival!




Yes! It’s time for great food, family, and fun at this year’s 2011 Florida Strawberry Festival located in the beautiful town of Plant City, FL. The Strawberry Festival starts on March 3-13. It is an eleven day event packed full of something for everyone. The Festival is celebrating their 76th anniversary with a theme of “Taste the Flavor of Fun!” Flavor is something the Strawberry Festival has tons of, corn dogs, elephant ears, and pretty much anything made with a strawberry.

The Saint Clemens booth is my favorite place to enjoy a big bowl of strawberry shortcake with my family. When entering the booth cake or biscuit is the first step to creating your every own strawberry shortcake. After that I love to pile high the strawberries and homemade whip cream and I always top it with a fresh strawberry.

Shortcake isn’t the only thing the Strawberry Festival has to offer. Some of the best music entertainment all over the U.S. comes to perform every year. My favorite this year is Clint Black and Lady A. Also, the festival has many exhibits and livestock show that youth in the community have spent all year raising these animals for this event. The youth will auction off certain animals to raise money for scholarships to better their education.

The Strawberry Festival is the largest event that happens in the little town Plant City. Plant City is the winter strawberry capital of the world and people from all over the world come every year to celebrate the harvest of our strawberries. The Strawberry Festival has over 2,000 volunteers every year that dedicate their time and energy to make this event so great. Without the volunteers the festival would not be able to perform at the ultimate standard it does today. The volunteers, as well as, the director of the festival open their arms to almost amillion people every year and show them that Plant City is a great place to visit, but an even better place to live.

Hopefully whoever reads my blog will go visit the Strawberry Festival and “Taste the Flavor of Fun!”

A Day in the Life of a PR Professional

In order to access first hand information on a day in the life of a PR professional, you have to conduct an interview. I recently interviewed Chris Rosica, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rosica Online+Traditional Public Relations & Marketing and the President and Co-Founder of Interact Marketing. He is also the author of the recently published book The Authentic Brand which features 12 stimulating interviews with some of the greatest entrepreneurs including Jerry Baldwin (the founder of Starbucks), Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (founders of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream), Bobbi Brown (founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics), and David Neeleman (founder of the airline JetBlue), among many others. I met Mr. Rosica three years ago through a babysitting advertisement and have since babysat for his two young children; I will be interning for his company Rosica PR this summer. Because of my upcoming internship, I thought that he would be the perfect “PR pro” to dialogue with about the field.

The typical week for Mr. Rosica “encompasses juggling multiple accounts, ensuring that systems are in place, and coordinating the efforts of an entire team.” He is the overseer who needs to make sure that people are being trained, managers are equip to run their departments, and that none of the account work manages to somehow slip through the cracks. Mr. Rosica’s days involves plenty of writing, sales meetings, editing, and working with powerpoint. His most recent accomplishment that he takes great pride in is the publication of his book The Authentic Brand (above).

In order to keep current with the PR industry, Rosica stays in almost constant contact with his partner Joseph Beccalori, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Interact Marketing (see link above). He also keeps current on PR magazines such as Response Magazine, Brand Week, and Direct Marketing. After reading articles from these sources, Rosica enjoys syndicating the top stories on his blog Chris Rosica: Public Relations and Marketing News. He states that writing is very important to his profession; it is the “cornerstone upon which (his) journey in PR has been based.” Rosica makes it clear that it is important to read what is in the media in order to better understand PR, write in such a way that “evokes a response,” and edit in a fashion that makes websites and blogs look attractive.

The three tips Rosica offers to any budding PR student are to…

1. First, do at least two internships while still in college; he says to make certain that these internships are with PR agencies. He advises to do one with a small agency and the other with a large agency to get a feel for the work in each–the two can be drastically different.

2. Secondly, Rosica instructs to consume media. He says to read, read, and read some more! One can easily keep updated on PR through the internet, and can benefit immensely from creating their own blog and interacting with other bloggers.

3. Lastly, he says to become familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as organic SEO or natural search, and social media (i.e. blogging, video syndication, and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on).

Upon entering the rigorous field of PR, Rosica was most surprised by the realization that almost everyone who said they were “good with people” were not the people who were right for the profession. He states that these kind of people are just “too nice” and “our job is to not take no for an answer.” He clarifies that tenacity (persistent determination) is so important, and that they need strong thinkers who get to the point quickly.

After interviewing Mr. Rosica and then visiting the different websites for both his companies and recent book publication, I felt as if pursuing a career in PR  is still something that I would love to do. Being a prospective event coordinator, I will be required to use many (if not all) of the same tools to prosper within this career. I am very excited to start my internship this May and work closely with such a successful individual.

I Don’t Want to Marry Someone if I Don’t Have a Job First

This video, from Anna Graceman’s YouTube channel, is both adorable and funny, but it also makes a valid point: getting married before getting a job is not always the smartest decision. Now don’t get me wrong, early marriages can be very successful; however, it is much more practical to finish college and get a steady job before getting married. So, I have come up with three reasons why I believe in getting a job before marriage (in most cases):

1. Do Something Special! This little 5-year old said it perfectly; do something special for yourself. Get a degree in something you love and then work in that field to learn more about yourself, gain new skills, and make connections with other people who have similar interests. Build a life for yourself, and then share that life with someone you love.

2. Financial Stability…Who doesn’t want to be financially stable before entering a binding union with another person? It’s important that you and your partner are both financially ready for marriage. Not only does the wedding and honeymoon cost money, but so does buying a house and furniture, buying groceries, paying a mortgage, paying for taxes, and so on, nonetheless having kids!

3. Do Some Traveling…I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that he/she hates traveling–unless they are deathly afraid of planes, which is just another fear that can be overcome with time.  I myself have not traveled extensively, but in my short travels I have come to realize that it is such an eye-opening experience. Traveling will give you a greater world-view (no more close-mindedness), an introduction to new cultures and customs, and might even teach you some of your greatest life lessons.

My hope is that you can find yourself before finding someone else, and maybe have the mindset of this little girl “I don’t want to marry someone if I don’t have a job first!” (but of course don’t let this stop you from having relationships and thinking about marriage–you don’t want to end up as the crazy cat lady).

They’re Taking Over…One MacBook At a Time

Image Credit: Chris Corwin

Today, Ragan PR blogger Alan Pearcy posted this photo under the descriptive title “The future belongs to Apple.” The picture comes from a story by Fast Company, displaying a university classroom in Great Britain, and clearly, the students like their Macs.

When I first saw this picture, I laughed to myself because it’s true–Apple seems to be beating out competitors when it comes to sales of laptop computers to college students. I am currently sitting in my Intro. to Business class and out of the thirteen lap tops open, ten are Macs and three are PCs. The article Top 10 Reasons College Students are Buying MacBooks (Not Dells) tells us exactly why college-aged kids want to purchase Macs.

Before I started my freshman year of college last fall, I myself bought a thirteen inch MacBook Pro and it has so far been the most expensive, but best purchase I have ever made. The main reason I bought my Mac was because of the recommendations of my peers as well as the amazing student discount I received. When I entered the Mac store near my hometown I knew essentially what I wanted, but still had some unanswered questions. The employees were so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about Apple’s products and helped me to get the best deal possible and install each program that I wanted. They even helped me carry my boxes to my car!

Upon leaving the store, I had spent just under $2,000, and later received a $300 rebate in the mail. But for the money I got my 13-inch MacBook pro and it’s accessories, installation of iWork (Apple’s version of Microsoft Office), a 3-year protection program, an HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One printer, and a 34GB iPod touch. Can you beat that? I think not. Consequently, I am happy to say that I am a proud owner of a MacBook Pro—the most reliable, virus-free, and simple-to-use computer I have ever owned.

How to Create a Winning Resume

Image Credit: Resume T-shirt by Blackbird Tees; photo taken by SOCIALisBETTER

Whether you are looking for a summer internship, your first job, or searching for a new employer, a resume will be the first step to get you where you want to go. Contrary to popular belief, a resume will not score you a job, but it can certainly get you an interview and become the basis of the questions asked in that interview. In order to create a winning resume, I did my research. I visited three web sites and added professional knowledge to my own; hopefully it will be helpful to you as you write or rewrite your resume.

Hot Tips On Resume Writing by Yana Parker answers 24 common questions that arise when writing a resume. The question that stood out to me most was “What’s the best way to impress an employer?” Parker’s answer was “Fill your resume with “PAR” statements. PAR stands for Problem-Action-Results; in other words, first you state the problem that existed in your workplace (or school), then you describe what you did about it, and finally you point out the beneficial results.” We often forget that a resume is all about us, not past jobs and responsibilities, but how we performed and what we accomplished in our roles.

How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resume is an article that tells you how it is–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Published by the Rockport Institute, it is easy to read and will guide you through the process of writing a successful resume; each and every section is covered in-depth. The article establishes that “A resume is an advertisement, nothing more, nothing less…It presents you in the best light. It convinces the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in this new position or career.” Part 6 is especially helpful because it gives writers a list of Power Words that will enhance their writing so that it may stand out from the rest.

Resume Guidelines: Eight Editing Thoughts gives writers a short checklist to use when reviewing their completed resume. The idea of checking for steadiness or making “sure that there is steadiness particularly with regard to the use of numbers for numbers, money and dates, short forms and plurals” is one that not many people will remind you of when checking over your resume. However, it is important to be consistent so that your resume is both easy to read and has a more professional appearance.

I hope that this short post will be a helpful guide as you strive to write the most expertly presented and well-written resume you possibly can. Remember that a resume is all about YOU and will provide merely a small glance of your abilities to a prospective employer, so take some time to figure out what to put on that 8×11 piece of paper.