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From left: Clara, Anneke, Me, Julia, and Olivia

Hi, I’m Emily. I know that’s a cliche introduction, but it’s probably best that you know my name first. Actually, since 1991 the name Emily has been in the top ten baby names and was ranked number one consecutively from 1996-2007. Last year it was number six; so I’m sure that you know at least one person named Emily. You’re probably thinking “okay I don’t care,” so anyways…

I am currently a college freshman at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida studying for a degree in Communications and a minor in Business; hence why I am doing this blog. Eventually I want to be a corporate event planner in the Big Apple–New York City. I’m from Northern New Jersey–and no, it’s nothing like Jersey Shore, although Seaside (or Sleazside, as we call it) is a crazy place in the summertime. Just to clear things up…no, I am not Italian and no, I do not wear my hair in a poof. On the contrary, my dad is from Holland and my mother is a German mix so I am relatively tall and have blonde hair; however, I am the only blonde of my four sisters. The five of us are each about two years apart–the oldest, Anneke is a 21-year-old brunette; Julia is a 17-year-old brunette; and Olivia and Clara are 15-year-old redhead twins. I’m the second oldest of this variety at 19-years-old.

Personality-wise, I’m pretty laid back, and I love to try new things–I’m basically up for anything. One of my favorite places is the beach, so if you want me to be in an amazing mood, take me there. But, I get seasick easy, so let’s stay off any boats. In addition, I like just about anything outdoorsy such as playing soccer, hiking with my Golden Retriever Luke, or kayaking in the ocean. I am someone who always strives to be positive and uplifting, and you can feel free to talk to me about anything. I think that God allows everything to happen for a reason and I strive to love Him through it all.


One thought on “Blog Author

  1. Emily I didn’t know you had four sister or that you were second to the oldest. After reading about you I have to say we have a lot in common. Like I have four sister and I’m second to the oldest. I think it’s great how much energy you have and a love for life that some Freshman don’t. I’m so happy you are from New York because when I go up there to visit the Redken Acadamy you can show me around. I wish you the best this semester!!

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