Top 10 Things I Learned About PR This Year

This past year I have learned so much about Public Relations from being in Barbara Nixon’s PR Applications class and having the chance to interview Chris Rosica, an inspiring PR professional. The top ten things I learned, in no particular order, are as follows…

1. One of the biggest challenges of Public Relations is that it’s multi-faceted. We learned this on day 1 and it’s true–successful PR comes from thinking outside of the box.

2. You need to know how to write efficiently to work in PR.

3. Social Media is EVERYWHERE. It’s in your face everyday through online ads, magazine/newspaper articles, fliers, billboards, and sites like Facebook and Twitter–it’s unavoidable.

4. The major differences between a PR Department and a PR firm. For one of my topics of the week I had the opportunity to do a little research on the two and found out that I didn’t really know the difference; I just thought the terms were interchangeable!

5. You have to stay current! Whether you’ve worked for years in the PR department of a huge corporation, or are a brand new journalist, you have to keep up with social media through multiple mediums on a daily basis.

6. PR is all about creating a good public image. Public Relations people work to please their publics; these may include a company, business, client, shareholder, community, organization ect.

7. Two way communication is the key to good PR. It makes no sense to put so much time, money, and effort into PR without evoking some sort of feedback or response from your audience.

8. The impact of social media sites like Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook is incredible. Some of the Youtube videos I have posted in my blog show just how quickly social media sites can spread videos, pictures, and information.

9. Not everyone who says they’re “good with people” will be good at PR.

10. Tenacity (persistent determination) is so important to the field of PR. Mr. Rosica stated that the profession needs strong thinkers who get to the point quickly since “our job is to not take no for an answer.”


One thought on “Top 10 Things I Learned About PR This Year

  1. Hey there!

    You’ve got a great blog going on here. I really enjoyed reading your post “A Day in the Life of a PR Professional.” I’m actually in the middle of interview / writing up my own series with a few PR pros in Australia.

    Nice work!



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