Tequila Shots BYOSC (bring your own sippy cup)

Photo Credit: lighthack

PR Daily often times has some interesting articles–like today, where I read an article entitled An Applebee’s serves tequila to a 15-month-old; chain calls it ‘unacceptable’ by Michael Sebastian. Seeing this title, I of course had to read more. According to the story, one of the chain’s Detroit area restaurants served tequila mixed with apple juice in the child’s sippy cup this past Friday. Shortly thereafter, the child began acting “strangely” and the parents discovered the drink. After being rushed to the hospital, doctor’s found that the child’s blood-alcohol concentration was 1.0–over the limit for driving in most states.

The incident has sparked lot’s of attention; articles have been written by many news websites, Twitter is abuzz with Tweets about the establishment/story, and people are posting to Applebee’s Facebook wall. The company’s official Twitter account responded “Obviously any situation like this is unacceptable and we take it very seriously. We are working with local authorities and conducting our own investigation so we can assess exactly what happened.”

As for me, I’m not too sure if I’ll be going to Applebee’s anytime soon.


3 thoughts on “Tequila Shots BYOSC (bring your own sippy cup)

  1. I recently read this article and watched the video interview with the mom; I can’t believe stuff like that! You would think that they would have their drink properly labeled. Especially since most children are the ones getting apple juice. Apparently this happened at Olive Garden in Lakeland too!

  2. This is a sad, and preventable happening. It did also happen last week at a local Olive Garden in north Lakeland. I’m not exactly sure why anyone would pour any alcoholic beverage into a kid’s sippy cup, but maybe they ran out of mixing glasses? (just trying to make sense of it) Hopefully they will take preventative measures now to stop it from happening in the future.

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