Twin Talk

A few weeks ago, when I was talking to my mom on the phone, she told me about a YouTube video where a set of twins have a long and very funny conversation together in baby talk. I just got around to watching the video and it is absolutely adorable and hilarious! The fraternal twins–whose names I found out are Ren and Sam McEntee–have been having these conversations since they were about six months old according to their parents.

In February, their mother posted a video of them on and it received millions of views and media attention shortly thereafter. People everywhere wanted to know more about these two cutie pies, so ABC News found out that the family lived in Brooklyn NY and got them to appear on Good Morning America. In addition, the McEntee’s video aired on other news shows such as CBS and CNN, and was seen yesterday on the Ellen DeGeneres show with subtitles (apparently they were talking about April Fool’s Day).

Visit their mom’s blog to learn more about the twins and see some cute videos and pictures!


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