An Interview With Kneale Mann

For this week, I watched an interview between my professor (Barbara Nixon) and her canadian friend Kneale Mann. Within the short interview, I learned a lot of new information about PR and social media.

Kneale, a a twenty-six year marketing and media veteran, first introduces some of his past jobs and speaks about working in both the public and private sector of social media. He states that he enjoys working in both the public and private sector, but that they have major differences. For the private sector, Kneale works mainly with smaller companies to improve business strategy, while on the government side he does almost exclusively marketing and social media strategizing.

The 2 points I liked best from this interview were…

1. His answer to the question “what do you do when you work for a company but want to have a Facebook?” which was “always remember that you represent that company.” He puts it plain and simple–if you wouldn’t want someone in your company to see a post, picture, or video, then don’t put it up.

2. You can’t have biases between different mediums such as public relations, communications, marketing, and/or social media. A person needs to realize and understand the overlap between each and how they work together in order to be successful in any or all of them.

In addition, he talks about the importance of blogging. His advice to new bloggers is to just write–he says to talk about something that interests you and “just start writing!”. Afterwards, he says to find your audience. The way to do this is to just write and they’ll find you. Kneale says that we want instant gratification–we immediately want 1,000 followers on Twitter– but it just won’t happen. He says that you need to put in the work and take time to comment on other people’s blogs to get them to comment on yours.


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