People on Facebook can be Just as Annoying

I want to share with you all a funny post that I saw on PR Daily today. The post, 5 types of annoying people on Facebook by Susan Young, showed readers five out of nine “annoying” types of people from a list originally compiled by The Oatmeal. These included the passive aggressor, who writes status updates such as “oh you did not just say that to me” and other well rehearsed retorts without mentioning anyone by name; the desperate marketer, who asks you to “like” or “become a fan of..” just about anything; and my personal favorite the rash, a person who basically likes and comments on everything you do/say on Facebook. Read the full article How to suck at Facebook and I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh too!

Artwork Credit: Matthew Inman


4 thoughts on “People on Facebook can be Just as Annoying

  1. I have to totally agree with this post. Facebook can be so annoying with all the statues and all the pokes. But what is most annoying about facebook, is that my grandma just got one and she is stocking me lol. I guess that’s what happens with you give a grandma facebook lol 🙂

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  3. This post literally brightened my day. So many people can be a ‘rash’ on Facebook and don’t really realize they’re annoying. I’m not a person to update my status every 30 seconds or to comment on every picture I see, but I like to every now-and-then. That’s the way it should be and personally, who the heck has time to live on Facebook? Thanks for sharing!

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