Guest Blogger: Jessica Ardrey

For our ninth topic of the week in my Public Relations Applications class, we were instructed to exchange blogs with someone else and post their one of their blog posts on our site. This idea of guest blogging came from an article by Adam Vincenzini and Emily Cagle in which they highlight the benefits of March as the “Be My Guest” Mutual Blogging Month. Jessica Ardrey and I chose to swap blogs because we really like reading each others’ posts; so, I now share with you her recent post Mmm…Strawberries, which will have any northerner (like myself) yearning to attend the Florida Strawberry Festival!




Yes! It’s time for great food, family, and fun at this year’s 2011 Florida Strawberry Festival located in the beautiful town of Plant City, FL. The Strawberry Festival starts on March 3-13. It is an eleven day event packed full of something for everyone. The Festival is celebrating their 76th anniversary with a theme of “Taste the Flavor of Fun!” Flavor is something the Strawberry Festival has tons of, corn dogs, elephant ears, and pretty much anything made with a strawberry.

The Saint Clemens booth is my favorite place to enjoy a big bowl of strawberry shortcake with my family. When entering the booth cake or biscuit is the first step to creating your every own strawberry shortcake. After that I love to pile high the strawberries and homemade whip cream and I always top it with a fresh strawberry.

Shortcake isn’t the only thing the Strawberry Festival has to offer. Some of the best music entertainment all over the U.S. comes to perform every year. My favorite this year is Clint Black and Lady A. Also, the festival has many exhibits and livestock show that youth in the community have spent all year raising these animals for this event. The youth will auction off certain animals to raise money for scholarships to better their education.

The Strawberry Festival is the largest event that happens in the little town Plant City. Plant City is the winter strawberry capital of the world and people from all over the world come every year to celebrate the harvest of our strawberries. The Strawberry Festival has over 2,000 volunteers every year that dedicate their time and energy to make this event so great. Without the volunteers the festival would not be able to perform at the ultimate standard it does today. The volunteers, as well as, the director of the festival open their arms to almost amillion people every year and show them that Plant City is a great place to visit, but an even better place to live.

Hopefully whoever reads my blog will go visit the Strawberry Festival and “Taste the Flavor of Fun!”


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