A Day in the Life of a PR Professional

In order to access first hand information on a day in the life of a PR professional, you have to conduct an interview. I recently interviewed Chris Rosica, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rosica Online+Traditional Public Relations & Marketing and the President and Co-Founder of Interact Marketing. He is also the author of the recently published book The Authentic Brand which features 12 stimulating interviews with some of the greatest entrepreneurs including Jerry Baldwin (the founder of Starbucks), Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (founders of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream), Bobbi Brown (founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics), and David Neeleman (founder of the airline JetBlue), among many others. I met Mr. Rosica three years ago through a babysitting advertisement and have since babysat for his two young children; I will be interning for his company Rosica PR this summer. Because of my upcoming internship, I thought that he would be the perfect “PR pro” to dialogue with about the field.

The typical week for Mr. Rosica “encompasses juggling multiple accounts, ensuring that systems are in place, and coordinating the efforts of an entire team.” He is the overseer who needs to make sure that people are being trained, managers are equip to run their departments, and that none of the account work manages to somehow slip through the cracks. Mr. Rosica’s days involves plenty of writing, sales meetings, editing, and working with powerpoint. His most recent accomplishment that he takes great pride in is the publication of his book The Authentic Brand (above).

In order to keep current with the PR industry, Rosica stays in almost constant contact with his partner Joseph Beccalori, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Interact Marketing (see link above). He also keeps current on PR magazines such as Response Magazine, Brand Week, and Direct Marketing. After reading articles from these sources, Rosica enjoys syndicating the top stories on his blog Chris Rosica: Public Relations and Marketing News. He states that writing is very important to his profession; it is the “cornerstone upon which (his) journey in PR has been based.” Rosica makes it clear that it is important to read what is in the media in order to better understand PR, write in such a way that “evokes a response,” and edit in a fashion that makes websites and blogs look attractive.

The three tips Rosica offers to any budding PR student are to…

1. First, do at least two internships while still in college; he says to make certain that these internships are with PR agencies. He advises to do one with a small agency and the other with a large agency to get a feel for the work in each–the two can be drastically different.

2. Secondly, Rosica instructs to consume media. He says to read, read, and read some more! One can easily keep updated on PR through the internet, and can benefit immensely from creating their own blog and interacting with other bloggers.

3. Lastly, he says to become familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as organic SEO or natural search, and social media (i.e. blogging, video syndication, and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on).

Upon entering the rigorous field of PR, Rosica was most surprised by the realization that almost everyone who said they were “good with people” were not the people who were right for the profession. He states that these kind of people are just “too nice” and “our job is to not take no for an answer.” He clarifies that tenacity (persistent determination) is so important, and that they need strong thinkers who get to the point quickly.

After interviewing Mr. Rosica and then visiting the different websites for both his companies and recent book publication, I felt as if pursuing a career in PR  is still something that I would love to do. Being a prospective event coordinator, I will be required to use many (if not all) of the same tools to prosper within this career. I am very excited to start my internship this May and work closely with such a successful individual.


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