I Don’t Want to Marry Someone if I Don’t Have a Job First

This video, from Anna Graceman’s YouTube channel, is both adorable and funny, but it also makes a valid point: getting married before getting a job is not always the smartest decision. Now don’t get me wrong, early marriages can be very successful; however, it is much more practical to finish college and get a steady job before getting married. So, I have come up with three reasons why I believe in getting a job before marriage (in most cases):

1. Do Something Special! This little 5-year old said it perfectly; do something special for yourself. Get a degree in something you love and then work in that field to learn more about yourself, gain new skills, and make connections with other people who have similar interests. Build a life for yourself, and then share that life with someone you love.

2. Financial Stability…Who doesn’t want to be financially stable before entering a binding union with another person? It’s important that you and your partner are both financially ready for marriage. Not only does the wedding and honeymoon cost money, but so does buying a house and furniture, buying groceries, paying a mortgage, paying for taxes, and so on, nonetheless having kids!

3. Do Some Traveling…I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that he/she hates traveling–unless they are deathly afraid of planes, which is just another fear that can be overcome with time.  I myself have not traveled extensively, but in my short travels I have come to realize that it is such an eye-opening experience. Traveling will give you a greater world-view (no more close-mindedness), an introduction to new cultures and customs, and might even teach you some of your greatest life lessons.

My hope is that you can find yourself before finding someone else, and maybe have the mindset of this little girl “I don’t want to marry someone if I don’t have a job first!” (but of course don’t let this stop you from having relationships and thinking about marriage–you don’t want to end up as the crazy cat lady).


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Marry Someone if I Don’t Have a Job First

  1. This video is so cute and Funny! When it comes to getting married I would agree with you, and your three points, it is wise to wait until a person is in there career and then settle down, especially if they are trying to figure out where they are financially and stuff. I know personally that I would want to be in my career field before I even thought about the getting married! This was a great blog and plan to read more of you work 🙂
    Thank You
    Barbara Oguntola

  2. Emily your post are classic!! I love this little girl she acts just like my little sister Sarah. Even though I am getting married next year I do believe that waiting to finish college is the best bet for many people like myself. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I loved this post. That little girl was smart for being so young! I agree that we should really know ourselves before we unite with another in a marriage. I’m all about traveling, and building a career for myself before I think about a family one day. I think a lot of women in their twenty-somethings have the idea that they are already behind because they have not found a husband to begin their lives with. The point is that our lives are already well on their way to success although society has told them otherwise.

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  5. I absolutely love this video! How cute is this little girl. Five years old and already worried about marriage and a job. I love how you gave suggestions for young adults and I completely agree. I also like what you said about finding yourself before finding someone else. This post is out of the ordinary PR blogging but it’s a great topic to write on. Great post!

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