They’re Taking Over…One MacBook At a Time

Image Credit: Chris Corwin

Today, Ragan PR blogger Alan Pearcy posted this photo under the descriptive title “The future belongs to Apple.” The picture comes from a story by Fast Company, displaying a university classroom in Great Britain, and clearly, the students like their Macs.

When I first saw this picture, I laughed to myself because it’s true–Apple seems to be beating out competitors when it comes to sales of laptop computers to college students. I am currently sitting in my Intro. to Business class and out of the thirteen lap tops open, ten are Macs and three are PCs. The article Top 10 Reasons College Students are Buying MacBooks (Not Dells) tells us exactly why college-aged kids want to purchase Macs.

Before I started my freshman year of college last fall, I myself bought a thirteen inch MacBook Pro and it has so far been the most expensive, but best purchase I have ever made. The main reason I bought my Mac was because of the recommendations of my peers as well as the amazing student discount I received. When I entered the Mac store near my hometown I knew essentially what I wanted, but still had some unanswered questions. The employees were so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about Apple’s products and helped me to get the best deal possible and install each program that I wanted. They even helped me carry my boxes to my car!

Upon leaving the store, I had spent just under $2,000, and later received a $300 rebate in the mail. But for the money I got my 13-inch MacBook pro and it’s accessories, installation of iWork (Apple’s version of Microsoft Office), a 3-year protection program, an HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One printer, and a 34GB iPod touch. Can you beat that? I think not. Consequently, I am happy to say that I am a proud owner of a MacBook Pro—the most reliable, virus-free, and simple-to-use computer I have ever owned.


4 thoughts on “They’re Taking Over…One MacBook At a Time

  1. Mac’s have become a very popular computer choice. They have the glitz and glam at a relatively nice price, but are still able to function in the working world as they are designed to accept most Microsoft programming. To be honest, there’s very little marketing or PR has to do to get potential buyers interested in Macintosh. I think in a way, having Mac run Windows was a move to steal customers from PC, and it worked.

    However, I think the main success of Mac doesn’t come from their computers. PC’s were and are a more all around computer that is good for work and quick access, but when Mac introduced the iPod the shift from PC to Mac started.

    Suddenly everyone wanted an iPod, and thus everyone started looking at Mac stores. With the right funding they have been able to produce some of the wildest pieces of technology and the world is watching. I think people naturally flock to Mac because it’s ‘cool.’ The higher priced computers give the company the ability to better install computers with firewalls and protective programs while at the same time turning a profit. A good move on Macs part and I’m sure public relation hasn’t been higher.

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  3. It is very interesting to see the transformation from a few years ago when macs were just another computer to now, where everyone wants one and the ones that have them are looked upon somehow that they are better off because they have a Mac. I am a PC user, I would buy a Mac if it didn’t mean I had to spend an arm and a leg, so until it comes down, I’m good with my Acer!

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