How to Create a Winning Resume

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Whether you are looking for a summer internship, your first job, or searching for a new employer, a resume will be the first step to get you where you want to go. Contrary to popular belief, a resume will not score you a job, but it can certainly get you an interview and become the basis of the questions asked in that interview. In order to create a winning resume, I did my research. I visited three web sites and added professional knowledge to my own; hopefully it will be helpful to you as you write or rewrite your resume.

Hot Tips On Resume Writing by Yana Parker answers 24 common questions that arise when writing a resume. The question that stood out to me most was “What’s the best way to impress an employer?” Parker’s answer was “Fill your resume with “PAR” statements. PAR stands for Problem-Action-Results; in other words, first you state the problem that existed in your workplace (or school), then you describe what you did about it, and finally you point out the beneficial results.” We often forget that a resume is all about us, not past jobs and responsibilities, but how we performed and what we accomplished in our roles.

How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resume is an article that tells you how it is–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Published by the Rockport Institute, it is easy to read and will guide you through the process of writing a successful resume; each and every section is covered in-depth. The article establishes that “A resume is an advertisement, nothing more, nothing less…It presents you in the best light. It convinces the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in this new position or career.” Part 6 is especially helpful because it gives writers a list of Power Words that will enhance their writing so that it may stand out from the rest.

Resume Guidelines: Eight Editing Thoughts gives writers a short checklist to use when reviewing their completed resume. The idea of checking for steadiness or making “sure that there is steadiness particularly with regard to the use of numbers for numbers, money and dates, short forms and plurals” is one that not many people will remind you of when checking over your resume. However, it is important to be consistent so that your resume is both easy to read and has a more professional appearance.

I hope that this short post will be a helpful guide as you strive to write the most expertly presented and well-written resume you possibly can. Remember that a resume is all about YOU and will provide merely a small glance of your abilities to a prospective employer, so take some time to figure out what to put on that 8×11 piece of paper.


One thought on “How to Create a Winning Resume

  1. Great links! I liked how each paragraph had a different link to a different tip on how to write a resume. Sometimes you can’t think of what to put down on paper because there can be so much you want to share with your future employer. Sometimes though, less can be more if you know the right words to say.

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