They “Heart” PR, What Do You “Heart”?

Image Credit: "XOXO" by PaPeR.cLiP

In honor of valentines day, Jennifer Dublisky, assistant director of public relations at Widener University and member of PRSA Philly News Committee, decided to ask PR Professionals exactly why they “heart” their unique profession in an article entitled Why I “Heart” PR: Five PR Pros Weigh In.

Opening with “In Philadelphia it’s still cold at this time of year, but you may have noticed a specific warmth in the air this month,” the article initially reminded me that it’s still freezing cold some places, while I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window at the palm trees swaying in the sunshine. Eighty degrees in February is one of the main reasons why I love going to school in Florida.

Anyway, the “specific warmth in the air” is referred to as Valentines Day, a holiday where people everywhere express their love to one another. However, Dublinsky wanted to find out about a different kind of love–one for Public Relations. The five reasons why Public Relations has become her and her fellow professionals sole mates are as follows:

1. Influencing an Audience

Dublisky asked Meredith Z. Avakian, a public affairs specialist from DuPont Co., about why she loves her influential position in the company. Avakian says that “From writing talking points to coordinating global leadership calls, I am able to influence how key messages are received.” In addition, she has the ability to reach so many groups of people since she is responsible for “providing communications support for senior leadership.”

2. Connecting With People

In order to influence others, you need to form a connection. Jennifer Miller, founder of Loudseed Creative Marketing, said “There’s nothing more satisfying than to help my employer or a client create a powerful message that resonates with the public and the media.” She loves that PR is all about connecting people, companies, and ideas, as well as building meaningful relationships.

3. Teaching the Future

After making connections, PR pros like Gregg Feistman, assistant professor of PR at Temple University, enjoys the ability to teach others how to use PR. He said that he loves “the idea of being able to hopefully make a difference in a student’s life and give something back to the profession. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than when a former student says they learned something from me, and even better, when what they learned helps them succeed in what they want to do — whether that’s get a job, or go on to graduate or law school.”

4. Learning Something New

While PR professionals can certainly teach, they need to learn in order to do so. Jennifer Lee Sludden, public relations coordinator at White and Williams law firm said that “Whether it’s a favorable decision for a client or a new law that’s passed, I have to always be thinking about what would appeal to a larger audience. It’s challenging and invigorating.”

Professor Fietsman added that as a professor, he loves to learn from his students. He said “You’re always learning something every single day in PR…it’s never static.  Business, the media, politics, its all constantly changing and challenging us to keep up and develop new approaches.”

5. Communicating a Story

People are constantly telling stories and Public Relations is an outlet to share these stories. Dublisky said that “No matter if you work for an agency or are in corporate communications, at some point during your career you will write a pitch, an article, or a release about your client or company, and it will be your chance to tell that story.” PR professionals love to be the mediators to help you communicate any story.

PR professionals know why they love their field, but do you know why you love yours? This February, sit down and figure out just why you “heart” what you do; if you’re a college student, this may help you to figure out the field that’s right for you.


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