Stop Thinking So Much! Live Like A Kid Again

Tim Tyrell-Smith is the author of a blog entitled Tim’s Strategy, which gives people ideas for successful job searching. In his blog, he acts kind of like a life-coach, giving his readers new ways to change their lives and live, well, happier.

I recently clicked on a post by Tim because of it’s interesting title: “How To See The World Like A Child Again.” Within this short article, he uses easy language and short sentences to describe the ways in which adults think, and children do. Tim begins by stating that all of us would love to see the world through untainted eyes once more–and then gives us five ways to essentially recharge.

Image Credit: "Happy" by daystar297

His first is to spend less time planning and thinking, and more time doing. I loved this idea because I think that people so easily fall into the habit of over-thinking things, especially if you’re a female, and you forget that when you were little you just went for it! Maybe we should all learn to follow our hearts and do exactly what we want to do.

Tim’s next point was for us is to stop judging our own plans. He says to “Do smart things, yes, but allow the act of doing them to happen without self-criticism.” This means that we have to try and make good choices, but learn to be content with those choices, rather than criticizing ourselves for potentially making the wrong decision (it’s not like we can take them back). If not, we may fall into a negative cycle of self-judgment which isn’t that much fun.

Thirdly, the author wants us to plan some play time–this may sound silly, but hey, no one is superman and can keep going without any fun, they’ll just run dry. He then gives us a website for 101 things to do while in transition.

His fourth point is important because it gives our minds time to relax and unwind. Tim says “plan some down time,” not a nap, but time where you’re unplugged from your phone, laptop, and to-do list. Your brain can actually be more productive when you’re not forcing it to think about something specific, so this is a great way to “unplug.”

Lastly, he urges readers to take small risks. He tells us to take a day and say yes to everything, just to see where it leads us. I think that this is a cool idea because it may lead you into a new situation or a new idea without really trying. Tim also says that it builds confidence and momentum–and who doesn’t want that?

To learn some more life tips, visit Tim’s blog!



4 thoughts on “Stop Thinking So Much! Live Like A Kid Again

  1. Emily I loved this blog. I think that life can get hard at times. I am the girl who stresses over everything even something that is so little. Maybe I do need to start living like a kid. Hopefully trying this new life style of living will help me to not have gray hair when I get older lol 🙂

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