Want to Know More About PR? Listen to Some Podcasts

Listening to Public Relations podcasts can help PR students and new PR practitioners to get a feel for this diverse field. The communication process between many peoples is very complex; therefore, PR covers a wide scope of jobs and employs all kinds of people. Each person in the business of PR has varying skills, but when these skills are put together, a good PR firm is created.

Image Credit: "nowatch-6" by NoWatch.net

A good example is Catherine Hudon,  co-founder of Shorty Clothing, who considers herself both a “producer and a business architect.” She says that a business architect “takes a brand and helps sort of bring it to life.” Maybe you too feel like a producer, or a business architect, or maybe even an advertiser–just remember that each of these jobs are vital to the success of PR. On the other hand, you may have no idea what you are interested in or good at, and therefore should take comfort in this woman’s story. As a classical music major for most of her college years, Hudon figured that she would find a job in performance after graduation. It was not until she had a nervous breakdown her junior year of college that Hudon realized she was not in the right place and boldly made the decision to double-major in business. When I heard this part of her interview, it caught my attention because so many students and young partitioners fear that they will fail to make the right choices when they just have to follow their instincts. I think that it’s encouraging to know that this extremely successful woman was once so indecisive about her future, like many of us are.

When public relations seems to be overwhelming or confusing, just listen to some podcasts–they’re both interesting and insightful. Maybe you’ll discover the field of PR that you want pursue or research more in depth. Happy listening!


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