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1. Using Social Media by blorezca Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social media is indeed a really huge part of our everyday lives; last semester my phone broke too and I was shocked by how much I couldn’t do and how many people I needed to get in touch with within just a few hours. I haven’t seen The Social Network yet, but I really like how you added this clip into your post because I’ve been wanting to. It’s crazy how these college kids could have come up with the idea of Facebook on their own, but I can’t say it’s unexpected.

2. Public by Jessica Leigh Sunday, January 30, 2011

I thought it was funny how you mentioned that you were a part of the “public” at SEU and of your church in this post because, ironically, I did the same. I think that we may have more in common than we think– especially the four sister thing and how we’re both the second oldest child! Thanks for the comment on my about me. -Emily

3. Social Media & Me by Emily Bos Sunday, January 30, 2011

my response

How is it not bonding them? I obviously don’t think that college kids should be glued to Facebook or Twitter, but it’s a helpful and fun communication tool. I mean most of my good friends aren’t in any of my classes and sometimes I don’t get to see them throughout the day; therefore, Facebook and Twitter helps us to stay connected and maintain a daily friendship. Of course hanging out in person is way better than any electronic device, but sometimes we don’t have the opportunity or choice.

4. #1 PR Connection: “Bless me iPhone for I have sinned” by acostadini Thursday, February 10, 2011

I thought this post was really funny; I guess they really have made an app for everything! I loved the title you gave this post and your ending statement “So ladies and gentlemen, you can be saved from eternal damnation through this special iPhone app for only $1.99.” It was definitely interesting and hilarious to read, but I wish you went further into depth about how the app functions. Guess I’m going to have to look it up!

Thanks for the laugh,

5. Park West-A Samantha Jones Event? By Erica Earl Thursday, February 10, 2011

I completely agree that this company’s form of PR is acceptable–in my opinion it’s pretty brilliant. I mean people are going to buy something that they like whether you give them incentives to or not; especially a painting since it’s going to sit in their house for everyone to see. However, incentives just make it easier for them to say yes, and nothing’s wrong with that at all. If I loved a dress and was really thinking about buying it and then the store owner said “Oh yeah and if you buy that dress you can go to a fashion show where you can see other dresses made by the designer (but you don’t have to buy anything),” I’d definitely buy it!

Thanks for this interesting article, Emily

6. Stop Thinking So Much! Live Like a Kid Again by Emily Bos Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my response

Not a problem! I thought your article was very interesting, so I wanted to share your blog with my classmates.

Thanks for the feedback,

7. PR Connections by sandratheoret Thursday, February 17, 2011


I liked your post because I have a hard time getting up unless someone else either helps me stay motivated or I, myself, really want to reach a certain goal. It’s easy for us all to just sleep the day away if we have the option to, but as they say “the early bird catches the worm,” and someone else will be making forward progress while we hit the snooze button. However, I would have liked if you added a link to Peter Shankman’s article so I could read his six tips on how to get up earlier.

8. Who’s Popular? by Jessica Leigh Thursday, February 17, 2011


I also read this article and thought it was crazy, but hardly unexpected, that Justin Bieber is currently the most often searched for person on the world wide web. I liked the little additions you added from your personal life about each of the artists, they made me laugh. Keep up the good work, but be careful with your sentence structure :).


9. NEDAwareness by Erica Earl Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I enjoyed reading your article on “NED Awareness” week because it was really informative. I had no idea that this particular week was a week dedicated to the recognition and prevention of eating disorders. I thought that Media Watchdogs was a cool organization with a very affluential goal. Thanks for the read!


10. The Ultimate Ice Cream Truck by acostadini Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I really liked this post! I had never heard of the Happiness Machine nor the Happiness Truck, but I watched both of these videos and they kept me smiling right along with the people in them. I think that these videos are great ways for the Coca Cola company to market it’s product nonetheless create customer satisfaction! Thanks for the read.


11. Dear Teacher, Watch What You Say by ertelg Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I was really surprised after reading the information revealed in your post–not surprised that the teacher would have these frustrations–but that he/she would think that no one would see them! Most everyone has access to the internet, and it is a tool that is so vital to the communication of our time, so someone’s bound to see what you write online sooner or later. In addition, since it is so widely used, I was shocked that the school had no rules or regulations to address the matter! Cyber-bullying is too relevant to our culture to leave unaddressed; this school needs a little help.


12. Canon’s Loyalty Program by Cody Marlow Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have not heard of the Canon Loyalty Program, but I think this is a great idea! It will create customer satisfaction while also encouraging people to commit to becoming a loyal Canon customer. My mom recently bought me a new camera in February, but I wish I had read this blog post beforehand! Thanks for the information; I’ll keep it in mind when someone I know has a camera that breaks (as they so often do).

13. Charlie Sheen now holding a world record by blorezca Thursday, March 17, 2011

I think it’s kind of ridiculous, but also humorous, that Charlie Sheen is now holding a record for the fastest time to reach 1 million Twitter followers. I think that later on he may regret creating his account during this chaotic time in his life; however, he is receiving a ton of publicity. I constantly see re-tweets from my own friends that include hash tags that refer to Sheen such as #winning and #tigerblood.

14. Mmm…Strawberries by Jessica Leigh Thursday, March 17, 2011


I was marketing for the Strawberry Festival for SBLC (Student Body Leadership Council) the week before spring break to encourage SEU students to attend, and I was sad that I couldn’t go since I went home! I went online and found out so much about this festival, and it seems like it is a lot of fun each year. That strawberry shortcake sounds delicious; hopefully I’ll be able to go next year and try some!


15. Because It’s What We Believe by harden49 Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks for posting this blog! I think that I, as well as many of the students who attend Southeastern University, forget that there’s a town we need to be plugged into outside of our little school safe-haven. I completely agree that they should allow prayer before meetings and think it’s ridiculous that atheists would feel offended by something that is currently “optional.”

16. Really? By guest-blogger Christina Harden; posted by seagirl29 Monday March 21, 2011

Before I watched this video, I knew there would be a moonwalking bear because my psychology professor showed it to my class last semester. However, I didn’t catch it when I saw it the first time and felt really stupid! I do agree that our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter because the world is moving at a faster and faster pace each day. But like you said, Facebook and other social networking sites are merely a result of this, not a cause.

17. Anyone want some Girl Scout cookies? By Jordan Staggs Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I had heard something along the lines of this, but never knew if it was true or not. I think this is a great example of the sheer power and influence social networking sites can have! I’m sure other Girl Scouts and similar organizations will be quick to follow this troop’s lead to sell cookies, promote events, and maybe even gain some new members.

18. Guest Blogger-Tiffany Hobby (Valentine’s Day Recap) by Angela Myers Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I really liked this cute little story and the recipe that went along with it. I would be happy too if I WASN’T proposed to on Valentines day–I feel like that’s a little too cliche, and it’s already a holiday in itself. Thank you for including the pear and apple coffee cake recipe; my family and I have always been big bakers and I’m sure we’ll try it out soon!

19. Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Optimized PR by Chris Pilbeam Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks so much for writing this post! I will be interning for a PR agency this summer and I know that they do a lot of search engine optimization. It’s really much more simple than it sounds, but I’m glad that I now have a feel for what it’s about.

20. MediaHas Changed… It’s Time for PR to Catch Up by Gary Lee Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank you so much for writing a post on this subject. As a Comm. major, it is important for me to discover how to stay relevant and useful in a world where online social media is taking over and new tactics must be implemented. I’m sure my generation will be more tech savvy since we grew up in a decade where these changes have really took off; however, I am new to using much of the PR-related aspects of online media. I had not previously heard of the “Influencer Measurement” which helps marketers focus their efforts. This tool seems quite helpful in the avoidance of a message being seen as a spam like email.



One thought on “My Blog Comments

  1. Emily, you said it all well about Tim Tyrell Smith. He is wonderful and his work of Arts are amazing. I always enjoy reading his posts not only on Tim’s Strategy but now here on your wordpress. He always manages to put words into perspective and inspires is readers. Beautiful and inspirational testimonial… indeed. All the best!

    Grail Duewell

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