Social Media & Me

Hey, I like them both

Social media is rising in popularity because it allows and encourages feedback; whereas traditional media merely provides content that one cannot interact with. People love to share their own opinions and ideas, especially over the internet, because that means that the whole world can see them. Social media sites can purely be used for fun, or to help a business rise above their competition. For college students, social media is hardly deniable.

Facebook and Twitter are especially popular outlets of social media for my generation because it’s entertaining and accessible–I mean how many college kids don’t have their own laptop at their fingertips? On Facebook, you can easily make comments, like or dislike posts and photos, share ideas, and join various causes and communities. In addition, you can stay in touch with friends from home, while also keeping up on whats happening at school. If you want to know someone better, just add them on Facebook, and if they regularly use it (which is at least once every few hours for any college student), then you’ll discover all you ever wanted to know about them and probably more. Twitter, on the other hand, has basically become another form of texting called “tweeting.” Like Facebook, you can tweet statuses, funny comments, and use tags to identify numerous people and ideas. For myself, I use my twitter account to talk to many people on campus at the same time; after all, I can tag more than one name in a tweet and lots of people get their tweets sent to their phones.

Without social media, college students would not have the opportunity to bond as much as they do. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, we have the ability to quickly share our thoughts and see how others react to them. Our relationships with other students continue to grow even though we may not be physically talking to them throughout the day.


6 thoughts on “Social Media & Me

  1. I find this post completely true. College students, of all people, are highly engaged to social media and can barely break away from it. Like you said, I love the fact that I can be in touch with people I don’t get to see often and I can get to know someone that I just met by becoming friends on Facebook and finding out more about them. I love it!

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  3. I don’t think that Twitter and Facebook is bonding college students. I think that face to face conversation and personal contact with peers can be labeled as bonding. There is no doubt that social networking sites are extremely beneficial to those who have friends and family who live far away, and also for the normal business man/woman who is promoting a new product or idea. These sites have evolved into this great resource that is used by anyone who keeps up with social media.

    • How is it not bonding them? I obviously don’t think that college kids should be glued to Facebook or Twitter, but it’s a helpful and fun communication tool. I mean most of my good friends aren’t in any of my classes and sometimes I don’t get to see them throughout the day; therefore, Facebook and Twitter helps us to stay connected and maintain a daily friendship. Of course hanging out in person is way better than any electronic device, but sometimes we don’t have the opportunity or choice.

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  5. Twitter and Facebook seem to be the huge trends now a days. Remember the days of Myspace? Almost everyone that I’ve ever met has a facebook and twitter. It’s almost a bit intense. Ever meet a person one time then the second you get home you have a friend request? Facebook is a great way to keep connected with friends, old and new.

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